How to get more website visitors
Roar Schouten

Roar Schouten

A sustainable way to get more website visitors, part 01.

In every industry you have articles with a list of the best products. Articles like this score pretty well in search engines and are excellent guides for people that are looking to buy. So, keep reading if you want more visitors to your eCommerce store. It is an easy strategy if you want to invest time and money.

Some examples of the articles I am talking about

  • Ten creative birthday presents to give to your mum.
  • The best razor blades for men in 2022.
  • The best fluoride-free toothpaste.
  • These five vegan suitcase brands are fantastic.
  • Why organic plants matter and where you can get them.
  • The best mountain bikes for less than €1000.

These kinds of articles are trendy and have a lot of organic page views on Google. So if you can ensure to come on that list, there is a big chance that people (that are ready to buy) visit your store and make a sale.

How do you come on this list?

First, check out if they have a page with “advertise” if this is the case, they are probably open for a collaboration if you are willing to pay them. Besides this, you may also have the option to get a whole article for your brand or advertising space on their website.

When it looks more like a personal blog, always try to make it interesting for them. Steve Jobs quoted: “People don’t care about you, or your product. They care about themself”. So try to find the owner’s name, compliment them about their well-written articles and make it personal. It is essential to show them you want to collaborate instead of just wanting a favor from them. Ask them if they are open to working together in the long term, where you both get rewarded.

Offer them something like

  • Monthly free products from your store
  • Getting paid per sale (affiliate marketing)
  • Ask if they provide a package deal (article, list mention, and advertisement)

But a fair one-time payment may also do the job.

How do I measure the impact?

Of course, you want to know the impact before you start working with this strategy. A tool from Neil Patel called helps you get valuable insights to see how many people search for a specific keyword. Besides that, it also shows other suggestions.

Sometimes the number of searches may look disappointing, but imagine 30 people searching for a specific topic every month. These people are in a buying state, so the conversion rate for these people is possibly pretty high.

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The power of repetition and external validation

People are possibly searching multiple articles before they take action. Suppose you ensure you are everywhere in your niche, and people see your product on every list. In that case, there is a much bigger chance they will choose you over your competitors. When multiple people talk positively about your order, the logical result is that they think that your product is the best or most trustworthy option.

Think about it, if you are looking for a carpenter and five different people suggest hiring that specific one from 3 cities away, you will consider the option. Because external validation, a.k.a. social proof, is a powerful method for people looking to buy.

Check out these articles if you like to see more tips about getting more visitors to your eCommerce store.

  • Product reviews on Youtube.
  • Take writing articles seriously.
  • Do not forget offline advertisement.

If you have questions about this topic, feel free to send me an Instagram message @ecomroar.