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Roar Schouten

Roar Schouten

Effective CRO strategies for your product page

In this article, I will show you some effective examples of how to optimize your product page. Making a few small changes can already increase your conversion rate. So let’s get started to get added value which you can implement in your webshop.

Show your products from various angles

Good product photography is extremely important and is underestimated by a lot of people with regards to their webshop. Imagine yourself in a real store and you are only allowed to look at the product at 2 metres distance without touching it. The chance you make a purchase is not very high, right? Sharp detailed photography from different angles, close-ups and giving your user the feeling they can almost touch the product increases the chances of a sale. Good product photography is a smart long term investment and will pay itself back at the end.

Bonus tip: if you can add a good product video, this will be even better.

The gallery below is a great example of good product photography, it’s goal is to to seduce people to get attracted to the chocolate. The product is shot from different angels, in different shapes and shows very sharp details. It gives you the feeling you can almost taste the chocolate. Because of the way it is shot, it also gives you a very natural and artisanal feeling.

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Create product benefits section

A list of product benefits helps convince the user they should purchase your product. Imagine someone is looking for a natural shampoo, and you add benefits like: vegan, no microplastics and chemicals etc. You exactly sum up what your user is looking for. This is not just a good conversion strategy but adding well thought benefits to your product page also increases the user experience.

The best way to setup your product benefits is via user research. If you track down what the main reasons/motivation from customers when buying a specific product, you know exactly which information to provide in the benefits section. If you do not have this information, try to empathize as much as you can with your user. You can ask yourself questions like: Why is someone specially looking for a “Natural Shampoo”? There are multiple answers to this questions, collect the best ones to start with.

Add authentic customer stories in video

Social proof is an excellent strategy for conversion and user experience. It allows you to take advantage of external validation and customer advocacy in order to influence potential customers. By adding social proof to your product page, you help users taking decisions and give them the feeling they making the right decision.

Social proof can be shown in different ways. For example: customer reviews, user stories or an expert talking about your product. All options are great ways of using social proof. In this article we focus on customer stories in video. Real people talking about their experiences while using your product.

If you also have some reviews from current clients, it is a good idea to place a couple of them below the video, using this as the main item and after that show 5 star reviews to make your potential customers feel even more confident about purchasing your product(s).

Add warranties

A very easy thing you can implement on your product page warranties. Imagine you are buying an anti-shrink t-shirt online, examples of good warranties could include:

  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 1 year guaranty on the seams
  • A refund if the product shrinks

Those warranties are making some pretty big promises. Thanks to these promises, your user will feel more confident about the quality of the t-shirt when making his/her purchase. Obviously, the quality of the t-shirt needs to live up to its expectations but I strongly believe you need a good product to sell like crazy to build a sustainable ecommerce brand anyway.

Use humour to entertain your customer

Making experiences fun and entertaining, improves conversion rate, brand loyalty and the shopping experience itself. Focussing on making a experience fun and airy, makes people happy. Humour and laughing is really good for people and for your business ;)

How to integrate humour into your product page? You can do this in different ways, from witty copywriting to fun visuals and some secret easter eggs. To make it more visual, we selected some great examples of good humour in product pages.

Disclaimer, humour is good but always stay within your brand’s tone of voice, don’t act like a clown when your brand is doing something serious with big responsibilities. You can still use humour, but in some situations be subtle about it.

These tips can help you increase conversion on your product page. If you enjoyed this article and learned something new, you may like to checkout my personal Instagram where I give free tips, tricks and secrets about better ecommerce experiences.