strategy explained
Roar Schouten

Roar Schouten

Strategy Purpose

What the hell is a strategy? Is it just a buzzword so people can charge more money? Or is it really such an important step in the process of building digital products? Let’s dive in.

What is a strategy

Strategy is understanding the main challenge(s) that your business has and then draft a plan on how to solve these challenges. When working on your digital appearance it is important to know what the main goal is and how you can achieve this goal. When you do not take the time to understand the problem or challenge your business has, how the hell can you solve it?

Defining a strategy helps you understand the problem and gives you a much better position to solve it correctly. It also helps staying focussed and not getting side-tracked by carrying out tasks which are ineffective.

In short, a good strategy helps you…

  • Understand the REAL challenges you are facing
  • Have a stronger starting point to deal with these challenges
  • Understand what you SHOULDN’T do

Ok, let’s make it more specific

A strategy literally means creating a “strategic” plan before your start building something. The first thing you’ll do is to decide which goal you want to achieve. This can be done by asking yourself, why are we doing this and what is the desired outcome. After you getting your goal straight, you can start with drafting the plan which will help you achieve your goal. How to draft this plan is not something easy to explain, so I will write a blog on “how to create a strategic plan” in the near future. You will find a few examples of real life goals, just to give you an idea:

Examples of general goals

  • We want to create an extraordinary and luxury experience when people shop with us, like in our flag-ship store.
  • Building towards a sustainable world is the reason we exist, our mission needs to be integrated properly, as it is the main reason people buy our products.
  • The most important aspect is to align our store perfectly with our unique and powerful brand, as our excellent reputation provides us with a proven track record.
  • We are looking for a smart way to communicate to an authority in our industry what makes us stand out from our competitors.

Examples of smaller “more specific” goals

  • We want to sell more “Family Packs”, as this will increase our profits.
  • We need to improve our cart page, because data shows people don’t click trough.
  • Most users visiting our store using mobile devices, but the mobile version is not fully optimized, so this needs to be improved.

Once you have set a clear goal

After you got your goal straight you can start drafting a plan which will help you achieve your goal. This process can be seen as a big puzzle which you need to solve. Asking a lot of questions and brainstorming about solutions will give you some great insights. Having experience in the digital world is highly recommended in order to easily connect the dots and use your experience from other projects to find powerful and creative solutions.


I hope you have a clearer understanding what a strategy means when building a digital product like a website or an ecommerce store. and the positive effect it can have, when done correctly. If you have any questions about this topic, just hit us up, we are happy to help!

Have a nice day!