What is the buyer's journey
Roar Schouten

Roar Schouten

What is the buyer's journey?

The buyer’s journey shows the path a user takes before buying something. We broke it down into 3 phases to make it easy to understand. Then, to make this more transparent for you, we wrote a story to make it more understandable. It is about a woman named Lisa. She has a gluten allergy and follows a vegan diët.

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01. Awareness stage.

Lisa is visiting a friend in Amsterdam, and they decided to eat pizza before going out. Although Lisa is vegan and has a gluten allergy, finding a pizza that meets her needs is not easy. So she was quickly aware of the problem she had.

02. Consideration phase

Lisa got two solutions for her problem and needed to choose between two options. The options are to make a pizza herself or find a pizzeria to make the proper pizza for her. Because she didn’t have the time to make one herself, she went looking for a pizzeria that could help her.

03. Decision phase

In this phase, she is ready to buy, so the pizzeria that will pop up first will most likely be the “winner.” She first called the favorite pizzeria of her friend just around the corner, but unfortunately, she got a pretty confused person on the phone telling her that it was impossible. After the disappointing phone call, she searched for the following: “vegan and glutenfree pizza Amsterdam” She found two options that could help her out. One had a simple choice without cheese, which was a possible option. The other one had made a specific landing page for people like Lisa with three delicious options, good photography, and an understanding heading. Which said the following “we know how hard it is to find a good pizza that’s vegan and gluten-free, but we are here to help you out. She felt immediately understood and ordered a pizza right away.

Moral of the story

This pizzeria jumped perfectly into a small niche to fulfill a particular wish. The only thing they did was understand a specific problem and create a simple but effective landing page. If you have a specific product and understand the buyer’s journey, make sure to pop up at the right moment when your potential client is looking for your offer. Then, the chance they will buy from you is very likely, and if you provide an excellent service, they will be instant fans of your brand!